Saturday, July 16, 2016

Slam Dunk

I have my sights set on breaking the world record for the Renaissance Mile. It is a multifaceted race that consists of six events, all of which are timed and totaled.

Technically the event was conceived and never officially claimed according to, the source that maintains the records. It is rumored to have been completed in just over 29 minutes; however, no supporting evidence was rendered making the claim nothing more than that – a claim.

The six events required to complete the Renaissance Mile as follows:

1. Run 1 mile
2. Solve a Rubik’s Cube
3. Drink 40oz of Malt
4. Dunk a basketball on a 10’ rim
5. Play Chopin’s Minute Waltz
6. Eat a pint of ice cream

They can be done in any order, but the clock is ticking from the start of the first through the final event.

A quick mental assessment tells me that running a mile will be the easiest event for me. Currently I log 15-20 miles per week. The only question regarding running a mile will be the pace depending on where I place it among the other events.

To be completely honest the event that intimidates me the most is eating a pint of ice cream. It may be easy for most people but it will wreak havoc on me. I don’t consume dairy not to mention eating while being physical poses other challenges as well. I don’t doubt whether or not I can do it though, but I am predicting that it won’t be pretty.

Drinking 40oz of malt should not be too difficult. Again, the question will simply be placement within the other events.

So that leaves the most challenging events: playing Chopin’s Minute Walt, dunking a basketball on a 10’ rim, and solving a Rubik’s Cube. These events will require a physical assessment to determine how much work is required so I can start training appropriately.

I plan to do a complete assessment of these three events in the coming days. All attempts will be documented. Stick with me and be entertained as I forge ahead. A sense of adventure and, and a sense of humor required!

-LM Out

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